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Brussels: A Week In The Life Day 3 – Football in Belgium

For our third day in Brussels, we welcome a new co-star, the infamous Michael Hodson of who happened to be in town for a couple of days as a part of the Ultimate Train Challenge. Being an American, he drug us to the Belgium vs. USA football match in the pouring rain, where we sat in a chanting sea of red, white and blue.

Huh.  Not exactly any Canadian’s dream date, but at least there was beer.

(This was also the day we were filmed for our interview on Global News that was broadcast across Canada.  If you missed it, you can watch it here!)

Need to catch up on the week so far?

Day 1 – We get settled into our new housesitting gig.
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  1. I’m loving this series so far! It appreciate how it sheds light on the reality of your nomadic lifestyle while still showcasing the fun and luster. Can you please do all of your posts this way? Just kidding! Sort of. :) Looking forward to the rest.

    • Aw, thanks! You know what…I’d love to do all our posts this way. It’s easier then writing (I take SO long to write anything), and it’s a lot of fun! Alas, it takes a lot of time, and since we’ve finished, it’s nice to not have to be following most every move with a camera! :)

  2. Great series, guys! Your life is so tough ;)
    Andrea recently posted..One Long Travel Day

  3. Just catching up on these now… looks like Belgium is fun! Minus all the rain… But you guys are good sports to go to a soccer game with Michael!
    Amanda recently posted..Road Trip Day 18-19: The End of the Road

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